Monday, March 28, 2011

C & R: the letters and the people

My eldest daughter's wedding was January 8 this year. I did their initials in Zentangle-inspired art and you can read about that project here and see the finished art here.

The wedding was lovely and fun and elegant and hilarious, with peacock feathers and dinosaurs as themes. They went to the Geology building at the university to have photos taken amongst the pterodactyl and the tyrannosaurus rex skeletons. The vegetarian dinner was delicious and they had a gingerbread castle instead of a cake (constructed by Chloë and Robin's sister, with some help). Robin's mum baked 12 of his favorite crumb cakes for dessert. One of the guests remarked that it was the most fun wedding he'd ever attended!

Had to share: here's a photo of my daughter and her new husband, and the letters I did for them.

Chloë and Robin, two of my favorite people.

They're back in Halifax and my husband, Bruce, and I are planning a little holiday at the end of April. We'll visit Chloë and Robin in Halifax for ten days, then on to Bermuda to visit Bruce's sister and her husband for a week. Atlantic here we come! Lookin' forward to that!


  1. How nice to have this picture of your "work" (your daughter and your art work!). Nice!

  2. Their wedding must have rocked!
    Sensational ZIA letters!

  3. Ooh... a gingerbread castle! If I ever get married, I think I might have one of those. Gorgeous photo, Margaret. :)

  4. Love the pocket feather and earrings......M (and, of course the lettres, too!!!) m