Thursday, March 31, 2011

March of tiles, tiles of March

Here are some tiles created in March - ones I'm particularly pleased with of course! (Giving them names helps me file them.)

I call this one FUJI as the white shape reminds me of Fujiyama. 
Also, many of the tangles seem to me to be sort of oriental in style. 
It includes my own tangles Lilypads and Screen.
Tangles: Florez, Keeko, Lilypads, Screen, Shattuck, Tidings, Tipple plus dots and circles

Here's one I've called TWO MOONS. 
My tangle pattern Diamond Panes is at the top left. 
Yep, I used a circle template for the 'moons'.
Tangles: Beeline, Diamond Panes, Florez, Hibred, Knightsbridge, Meer, Rick's Paradox, Strircles

This next one is REALLY GNEISS  :-)
Tangles: Finery, Gneiss, Pearlz sort of, Purk sort of

Here's a tile with only two tangle patterns, Zander and Coaster (by Carole Ohl).
I shaded outside the tangles to fill in the other three corners of the square border.
I like the double spiral.

I like to leave blank spaces sometimes. 
It gives it a whole other look, and provides some visual resting space. 
In this tile they look like holes. There are a few variations of my tangle Ninja Stars here.
Tangles: Chartz, Meer, Ninja Stars, Rick's Paradox, Tipple and tiny circles

I think this one started with a blind string. 
I wasn't sure where it was going, but it looks a bit like a DAISY.
Tangles: Cubine, Marasu, Rick's Paradox, Striping, Pearlz

This one's quite Gneiss too, but not quite as Gneiss as the other one. :-)
Tangles: Crescent Moon, Gneiss, Ixorus, Tipple


  1. These are some wonderful tiles. I do appreciate you putting the tangles used as well for reference. :)

  2. That's a whole lot of really superb work. Just for fun I picked a favorite. It was a tough choice but 'really gneiss' won for it's 3D look, overall design, and nice value changes. But they are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. LOL! You are one punny artist! And I love your work!

  4. Love these! I also really enjoy the tangle names. Because I'm still learning the names that go with the tangles, it's a bit like a treasure hunt each post. I figure out the ones I know and then try to figure out the others, detective style. (This is one of my fave new games! Please keep posting these awesome tangle puzzles.) :-)