Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bermuda floors, ceilings, walls, and a chair

Not Florz, but a floor nonetheless!
I've had a few students to this pattern
instead of Florz, and it's an
interesting variation.
Two grid patterns: tile floor and lattice wall on a balcony.

Leaf imprints in a cement walkway at the Aquarium and Zoo.
A wall made of Bermuda limestone
beside a narrow road.

The not so worn back of the same chair.

The very worn seat of a leather armchair at
the Bermuda National Art Gallery.

Brick ceiling of the gunpowder depot
of the old British fort at Dockside.
Two of the 3-dimensional decorative tiles adorning the ceiling
at the Hamilton City Hall,  Bermuda.
More tangle development ahead!

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  1. Nicely observed - thanks for sharing your photos with us, kiddo! *G*