Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More 2-pencil strings

Recently I got out my stuck-together-pencils again and did a few Zentangle tiles with two-pencil strings. You can read other posts on this topic by clicking the "two-pencil string" label in the 'Labels' box down on the left. I find these often end up being more intricate than usual, probably because there are many more sections to work with.

Tangles: Black Pearls, Caviar, Chebucto, Cubine,
Finery, Flux, Hibred, Hurry, Msst, Perfs, stripes and dots

Tangles: Caviar, Chartz, Circfleur, Daggerly, Gneiss,
Keenees, Krli-q, Lotus Pods, Sanibelle, Striping
Tangles: Caviar, D'Uni, Hibred, Jonqal, Knase, Prestwood,
Rain, Shattuck, Striping, Xyp, plus auras.

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