Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AEDM #9 - Rosé & Sampson

Today I'm trying a lovely pattern from Linda Farmer CZT, called Rosé. It can be found on the Tangle Patterns web site here. Sampson, if I remember correctly, was designed by Nancy Sampson and was shown to the group at the third CZT seminar in May 2010. I think I did Rosé too big at first, and prefer the smaller version in the upper corner.
Tangles: Paradox, Rosé, Sampson
Linda Farmer maintains the Tangle Patterns web site, a wonderful resource for patterns and other information, and she does this for free. It's clear evidence of the growing popularity of Zentangle that her site is so very popular.  Here are some numbers to drop your jaw:
  • In the first 5 days of November 2011 there were 930,000 hits and 85,000 page views
  • In the month of October 2011 there were almost 7 million hits and over 1 million page views.
That's a heckuva lot for one person to keep up! She recently needed to hire a software engineer and upgrade her server substantially to keep the site running. Linda recently issued an appeal for financial support. If you love this site too, can you commit fifty cents or a dollar for every time you access and send Linda a little something every few months?

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