Thursday, December 1, 2011


Go large!

Not paper size or pen size, but tangle size.
The Diva's weekly challenge #50 is to make our tangles really large, but to work on the size of paper we normally do. For me, for these challenges, that's a Zentangle tile. Nine square centimeters. Only. Wth BIG patterns.

Actually, I often like starting with big tangles, although it feels awkward. Oddly, it sometimes seems to give more room for more tangles because you can put a tangle inside another one. For this challenge, though, I decided to try to keep it simple. The idea, after all, is to do things BIG. If I put one tangle inside another some things would end up small. Nonetheless, I couldn't resist adding some smaller detail to the Crescent's Moons in my first tile.

Tangles: Crescent Moon, Knightsbridge,
one giant Munchin, Tipple, Zedbra

On the tiles I was doing for Art Every Day Month, I used the classic dots/border/string format. So on my second try for this challenge I did a blind, left-handed string - just for a change!

Tangles: Diamond Panes, Gneiss,
Hollibaugh believe it or not, Posh, Seljuk


  1. Love them both, it's so fun to see the tangles gigantified.

  2. Beautiful! They look so "clean and clear" blown up.

  3. These are both great! Your work is so crisp. Love it.

  4. Big is way beautiful in your tiles Margaret!

  5. I love how crisp your work is too. and I love the shading on the second one!

  6. Margaret, your work is exquisite!

  7. Stunning! I love what you've done with Crecent Moon...I'm going to try that myself!

  8. Love the first one - beautiful!

  9. Really love both of these...but I believe the second one is my favorite!