Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Fairy Lane properties, Nos. 11-15

Let's continue our abandonment of suburbia with its neat rows of square boxes and straight sidewalks, all beige and brown and grey, with our delightful and pleasant stroll along Fairy Lane...

No. 11 Fairy Lane
Tangles: Diva Dance, Hollibaugh, Opus, Pearlz, Printemps, Striping, Tipple

No. 12 Fairy Lane
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Florz, Opus, Printemps

No. 13 Fairy Lane
Tangles: Brix, N'Zeppel, Printemps, Sanibelle, Tagh, Tipple

Nos. 14-A and 14-B Fairy Lane
Tangles: Flux, Hurly Burly, Opus, Printemps,
Roxi, Sanibelle, Snaylz, Tipple, Zinger

No. 15 Fairy Lane
Tangles: Brix, Finery, Flux, 'Nzeppel, Tipple
I thought you may be interested to see how this last one started. On this eco-dyed paper I've penciled in where I saw a house and chimney, and a billow of smoke. The moon is outlined in pen. I wasn't sure if it would work, being shoved over, up in the corner like that, but there was a nice little circle on the paper!

To view Nos. 1-5 go here.
To view Nos. 6-10 go here.

I'm wondering if this may be the end of the street...


  1. Love these little houses on Fairy Lane!

  2. Lovely lovely! I love your fairy lane tiles!

  3. Each of these pieces are so gorgeous and amazing

  4. So beautiful! Absolutely enchanted!

  5. Your Fairy Lane tiles are gorgeous :-))

  6. oh! it is so calling... wish I was in you drawn world

  7. I am sure this is not the end of the neighborhood. It is going to become, very quickly, a desirable place to live! I predict the architect will be flooded with fairy requests for more wonderfully individualistic designs and she will, after a short hiatus, be compelled to design more extraordinary buildings for discerning fairies of all stripes! People will come from all around to find pleasure and soul-strengthening joy as they walk the streets. Don't rush the neighborhood, but don't neglect it either!

    1. Haha Jakki! I think you may be correct. Without doubt, there are more houses in my future.

    2. I wonder if you get tired of words like "fabulous", "great", and other superlatives that just lose meaning after awhile. So I LOVED Jakki's comments! My own thoughts were more that how your mind works in so intriguing...moving from "wonky" streets to a in the north words it is mushroom time. Am thinking I need to do a mushroom series. Because mushrooms seem like little structures from an imaginary place...they come in the night and are often not there long and come in amazing shapes and colors!

  8. Absolutely beautiful, they are ALL breathtaking! Couldn't agree more with Jakki, they are happy, peaceful and magical, they touch the soul!...please let us have more :-)

  9. Soooooooo delightfully charming, Margaret!! You have inspired me to create something similar, perhaps a mosaic of 3, for my 8-year-old granddaughter who loves art and loves to tangle with me! Maybe I'll even do 4 sets of 3 to honor the seasons ... oh the possibilities ... !! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful tiny houses! I love them all. :)