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Margaret Bremner
Artist and Certified Zentangle Teacher

Zentangle® drawing - Create beautiful pen-and-ink drawings entirely with structured patterns. It's easy to learn, easy to do, and enjoyed by both artists and non-artists. For some it's art, for others meditation, for others something else. Time will fly! 

The very first Zentangle tiles created by an Introduction class.

As a Certified Zentangle® Teacher I offer a variety of classes, including private lessons if you prefer, as well as workshops for groups. I'm willing to travel, too. I do not teach as often as I used to.

I currently live in Surrey BC (Canada), and can be contacted at margaret.bremner.artist (at) or 306.371.3735.

You can find other Certified Zentangle Teachers here.

A Zentangle® inspired decoration 
Tangled icosahedrons created at one workshop.

Learn more about Zentangle at 
The Zentangle art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc.


  1. I learned of this art form last fall and love it. I am not an artist but have doodled since I can remember. I took your quiz and thought I would love to learn how to do this.

    I live in Nova Scotia and there is no one who teaches this in my province. However, I am fortunate enough to have a son who lives near Saskatoon and I will be visiting him and his family late May/ early June to help welcome a new baby. If possible I would like to try to arrange a lesson while I am there. How far in advance would this need to be arranged?

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I was in Halifax last spring! My daughter used to live there.
      Just let me know when you'll be in Saskatoon and we can make arrangements. Daytime may be easier than evenings.
      You can find my e-mail address under Contact.

  2. Hello, I'm from Manila and I don't think I can sign up for any class here... Um, what do you use for shading? What tools and paper do you use generally?

    Right now, I just use a double-tipped Sharpie and whatever paper I could find... Usually, glossy surfaces.

    1. As far as I know there are no Certified Zentangle Teachers in the Phillipines. However there is one in Hong Kong, Fina Man. You can contact her at

      Zentangle aims for simplicity. The basic tools are pen, pencil and paper. We encourage the use of quality materials. This honors your creativity and your creations, and it's just nice to use good tools. Archival quality (light-fast, acid-free, non-bleeding, etc.)is recommended.

      Officially, Zentangle uses:
      Sakura Micron pens (black, size 01),
      ideally a 2B pencil but HB will work,
      Tiepolo paper, a nice paper that is both smooth and rough. :)

      There are other papers people use. Maybe try a smooth watercolor paper. I'm not sure what you might have available there. I strongly discourage the use of really glossy paper; it's no good with the pencil. And a lot of people find that Sharpies smell bad!

  3. I am interested in taking the Regina classes. I would fly in from Vancouver. I am not really into quilting though. How much of the class will be spent on this subject or are we adapting quilting patterns to Zentangle?


  4. Woops forgot e-mail
    PS You are my idol.

  5. Margaret, I didn't know anything about the term "zentangle" but I figured I couldn't be the only human being obsessed with patterns in nature. I literally just stumbled on your website and I am so taken with your art form!!! I could gaze at it for hours! I am a retired architect. I started out and learned "drawing" all plans, hand lettering, and doing what was called "post shading" to indicate various materials used. I have always loved patterns in nature and have imitated them for years! What REALLY amazed me was the fact that after I made close observation of your art, really studying what it was that drew me and held me, I read your article on Zentangle (WHOLlife Aug 2011) via a link on your website. It is the beauty of focusing on attributes and themes and then actively, conscientiously meshing and blending and transitioning both the similarities and the uniqueness of patterns. It IS life in the way God intended us to live!!!!! Bless you. Bless your art.... and know that some day I will have the privilege of meeting you face to face. ps-don't know when since I live in Louisiana hahaha. another ps-are you familiar with the recently completed St. John's Bible? if not, you may wish to google it. I think it is fascinating. I have viewed some of the actual pages.

    1. I've called up a site about the St. John's bible and will have a look through it. There seems to be some truly wonderful artwork there!

      There are Certified Zentangle Teachers in Covington, Prairieville, and West Monroe. Anyone near you? Check here:
      I will giving classes in Florida in April 2014 at the Retreat to Paradise zentangle retreat, which is open to anyone who's taken a class from a CZT. So who knows? :)

      I also love sacred geometry, and just in case you don't yet know about it, I think you'd like the book "A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe" by Michael Schneider. One of my faves. Full of pictures too.

  6. Hi Margaret have you done any on line classes I work mixed shifts so classes face to face are not an option, plus Australia is a bit far for you to come for a class 😊 I use my tablet a lot and would love to be able to save some tangles on it to work on later. Can I do that please.

    1. Hello Phoebe, my middle daughter just moved to Australia so I feel a little more of a connection than usual! No, I haven't done any online classes, although I've been asked several times. There are quite a few Certified Zentangle Teachers in Australia. If there's one near you perhaps you can make some arrangement to learn that fits your schedule.

  7. there are no teachers here in ca

    1. Not sure if you mean Canada or California, but there are are Certified Zentangle Teachers in both areas. Go to