Zentangle quiz

Is Zentangle right for you? Take this quiz.

1.  Can you hold a pencil? A pen?
     Yes - Excellent. Give yourself a point and continue to question 2.
     No - Are you sure? Really?!? OK, then you may not be able to make Zentangle art. Maybe you'd like to buy some of mine!

2.  Can you spare 15 minutes to do something that will make you feel better and is not fattening or harmful in any way?
     Yes - Great! Give yourself a point and continue to question 3.
     No - Are you sure? Do you ever need to wait in a doctor’s office? Do you ever get a coffee or cigarette break? How about time spent commuting if you’re not driving? Waiting for a child at practice? Listening to music? It really does not take long. 

3.  Are you artistic?
     No - Wonderful! You'll probably take to Zentangle more easily than someone who may worry about “results.”
     Yes - Also wonderful! You may learn a new way to express your creativity.  
Take another point for either answer.

4.  Are you interested in any of the following ? Give yourself 1 point for each:
1.    learning to do something fun
2.    making something beautiful
3.    improving your focus
4.    relaxing
5.    stimulating your creativity
6.    keeping a journal
7.    increasing your confidence
8.    improving teamwork
9.    helping get through a difficult or painful situation
10.  improving fine motor skills
Yes! Zentangle can help with all of the above! 

Did you score at least one point? Congratulations, Zentangle is right for you! Click the "My classes" tab to see my class schedule or contact me for a private workshop, corporate seminar, or a class for your group. I look forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you!

(Adapted, with thanks, from Cris Letourneau, another CZT.)


  1. Love this quiz.... it's exactly right for those reluctant to try it because they think they "can't".

  2. Unfortunately, Zentangle does not help with the laundry! LOL

    1. Well-ll-ll, you can always disguise a stain with some tangling! Check this out:
      or this too:

    2. LOL... I am figuring this out!

  3. Love your quiz. Very good way to encourage people to have a go.

  4. Those carafe's are done beautifully and I love Zentangling too.
    I worked on one on a canvas one time and it turned out pretty neat but did use a lot more ink.
    I love this and I love Zentangling.

  5. This quiz is rigged... lol.

  6. I love the quiz, what a clever way to promote Zentangle. I would be honored if you would allow me to use something like it to promote my classes too. Thank Kristi Hansen

    1. Hi Kristi, please help yourself. It would be appreciated if you'd also credit Cris Letourneau, CZT for the original idea. I copied her, with permission! :D

  7. Hi, Margaret! I was at Retreat to Paradise last year, and became a CZT in October, 2014 (16). I'm tweaking my blog and was wondering if it would be alright if I used your "Zentangle quiz" from Cris Letourneau? ~ I would give credit to both you and Cris, of course! My blog is: www.TangleYourBliss.blogspot.com (I *love* your work, by the way!!!)

    1. Absolutely Holly, go ahead. I loved Cris' idea too!
      And while I'm here, I've been wanting to let you know how much I enjoy your Purple Heather CD every time I play it for a class!

  8. Margaret ~ Thanks so much, both for the use of Cris' quiz, AND for your compliment on my CD! That made my day. Tim & I are planning on recording a new CD, with emphasis on "relaxing music to tangle by"! I'll keep you posted! :-D

  9. I like this quiz page. It's right on point! It would change a doubter into a doer I think.

  10. Hi Margaret, I just did the quiz and was eager to find out something about myself by the score only to relies I love to giggle when I read the conclusion to the quiz. Also love to tangle.
    Robyn from OZ

  11. Boy do I wish I could put this quiz on my website!!! It is really great!!

    1. Marilyn, feel free to borrow! I did, from CZT Cris Letourneau. Just give credit if you do. ;)