Sunday, August 23, 2015

More houses from CanTangle

More delightful eye-candy as people complete their whimsical landscapes with houses from my class at CanTangle in July. See the first post here.

Sue Sharp wrote, "I'm much happier with it than I worried I would be… This project was fairly stressful, but in a good way, I think. I love some things, not so much some other things. I tried new things, I borrowed ideas seen in others landscapes. I had to add some colour to get the feel I wanted. All throughout I had to remind myself that I had lots more paper, many more pens, and to relax and TRY whatever felt right. I loved the one Margaret brought that had night and day in the same scene, and that's what I tried to capture here."
She went on to do another:

Caren Mlot added just a few hints of color, and white in the clouds. I like the cinderblock look of the middle house, the way she used stippling in the 'bricks'. And look at that chimney smoke! Caren didn't like the Crescent Moon shape on the left, but others did! Originally it was the sun, but morphed into a tree behind a fence. It's all good!

Aleesha Satva did a second one she calls "On a Hill Far Away".

Sue Clark wrote, "I worked on my houses on two different camping trips... On my last day of finishing the houses a storm was coming in over the mountains and the clouds grew dark and pretty soon it was happening on my paper too, but instead of just rain, it turned to snow and a winter scene. The river froze and an ice skating pond appeared. If I named it, it would be Moon Shadow because that Cat Stevens song kept going thru my head after I made the moon."

Susan Cirigliano is on a roll and has done two more! In her first here there are many very pointy ends but also a lot of graceful flow - a lovely combination. Her second piece has some red wine in the wash, giving an interesting purple-red hue. Sue calls that one "Manhattanville".


  1. Thank you for posting these - I love, love, love them all! It's really an amazing process, fun, and a bit stressful, in a good way. I'm working on another right now, and surprise, a dragon and cave appeared!!

  2. I've been longing for a volume 2 of The Art of Zentangle because I had so much fun with the existing book. Doing these landscapes would be a great section for such a book!

  3. I'm amazed at the diversity demonstrated by each person. Outstanding! What size is each piece?

    1. The ones we did at canTangle were 5"X11". The variety is wonderful isn't it?!? It's because of how we began, what each person saw in their art and the fact that I don't want everyone to end up with identical art!

  4. I am absolutely blown away with all the art pieces. I can't even begin to think of creating something like this. I guess the object is to begin. Thank you for sharing