Sunday, April 28, 2013

Three color zendalas

This blue-green one begins with one of Zentangle's pre-strung tiles. I did a turquoise acrylic wash overall, then tangled.
Tangles: Lamar, Romanancy, Snugz, Tipple, and stripes

This golden lotus began with me trying to use up a gold leaf pen that was drying out. Then I strung a loopy flower thing over the dry gold ink and started tangling. I had a lot of trouble wanting to add more gold, and yet leave the petals fairly white. Then I had the idea to put a gold wash over some of them. There are also some tiny gold gems in the center. Unfortunately, the gold and the gems don't scan very well; it's nicer in real life.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Braze, Copada, Msst (sort of), Munchin and tiny gems

Some of you may think you recognize this piece from Suzanne McNeill's book Zentangle 7, page 10 :), and you'd be right, almost. This is the same piece, but I've added to it: darkened some areas, yellowed much of the orange, added a few highlight colors, added colored gems, and added Many Moons around the outside to the edge of the paper.
Tangles: Amaze, Firecracker, Many Moons, Starburst, Tripoli and tiny gems

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