Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blind sighted

Weekly challenge number 116. I'm having trouble keeping up! I always label the back of my work with the challenge number and most times, when I double check, I find I've numbered it too low.

This week we're revisiting blind strings. I really like blind strings; they give me something wonky and unexpected to work with. I realized that I've never used a blind string on a round tile, so that's what I did this week. I did one with a string that is quite random and one that's sort of star-like.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Crescent Moon, Daggerly, Diva Dance, Knase,
Knightsbridge, Mi2, Paisley Boa, Paradox, Pearlz, Printemps, Yew Dee, Zedbra
Tangles: Beelight, Black Pearlz, Flukes, Jemz, Knightsbridge,
Paradox, Tripoli, Warble variation, Yew Dee, Zedbra

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