Friday, May 27, 2011

Combining tangles

I've been working on a large zentangle inspired drawing of houses. Because of the size, I thought I might combine tangles for an interesting effect; I could start with big tangles and work smaller things into them. I tried this idea on some tiles to see how it/they worked. This is a little like the Venn tangle challenge I posted about recently. The difficult thing for me was to be sure to make the first tangle really big! Also, to do a string with no really small areas to fill.

I began by using Cadent with double joining lines, but was really not pleased with the result. Much to regular, I think, and not the effect I was hoping for.

Tangles: Cadent, Beadlines, Gneiss, Perfs and Yincut

 Try again, this time with a regular string. Much better results.

Tangles: Bales with Lotus Pods, Bales with Hollibaugh, Dex with Cubine,
Parabola with Tipple, Rick's Paradox, Ninja Stars
Tangles: Hollibaugh with Finery, Hibred with Hibred,
Knightsbridge with Knightsbridge, Lotus Pods with Lotus Pods

As the houses develop, it looks like I may not use many combinations, but it was an interesting thing to try!


  1. I love this idea and really like how the combinations you picked turned out! The 2nd and 3rd tiles are so bold and beautiful!

  2. I like some of those combinations. Neat!

  3. I REALLY like the first one! and the shading on 2 & 3 is great!

  4. So... Let's see... There are over 1,000 tangles out there. If we start making new tangles as combos of two existing tangles, we could end up with 1,000,000 tangles... Oy! My brain hurts! ;-)

  5. I like this technique. I think the 3rd tile is my favorite. Great work!

  6. Hollibaugh with it!
    I think the 1st one is super eye catching!