Thursday, December 31, 2020

Shattuck, and then some

Today we'll look at Zentangle's Shattuck. It's generally drawn with curved lines, resembling scales, and I prefer the 'scales' to match at the tops and bottoms so that's generally what you'll see here. 
It can be done with straight lines instead, as shown below. If you choose this look, you may want to draw a zigzag along the wide stripes, and then fill it in. 

Usually the dividing stripes are quite narrow, but try drawing them wider and adding another tangle inside. There are so many 'border' tangles to chose from! I've kept it fairly simple in the tile below.

Two other options for the dividing stripes are to fill them black or to draw them more like ribbons. In the tile below I've also used a variation of Moon Pie to fill some of the scales. (In the link, scroll down, past Hollis).

Moon Pie is one way to vary the scales, but you don't need to be quite that elaborate! The tile above also shows examples of gradating lines, an effect I quite like. Look at other examples in this post to see other variations of the scales. Here are a few more ideas:

  • leave the lowest 'pie wedge' white instead of filling it black
  • alternate black and white stripes, around the pie slice or radiating from its center
  • fill with Peppering (demonstrated at around 4:45 in this project pack video)

Another thing you can do with the scales is to fill only half of them, another attractive effect.

Tangles: Black Pearlz, Crescent Moon, Lamar, Shattuck

Or... fill half of the scales with one pattern and the other halves with a different pattern.

To end, here's a gray tile, with gray gems, Shattuck, and more.

Tangles: Arukas, Shattuck, Pearlz, Wunderwall

Have fun exploring Shattuck!


  1. Thanks for showing so much options of Shattuck, I like them all but my fave is your last tile with gems on a grey tile, it is a gorgeous result!Thank you very much for sharing your creativity! I wish you and your family the best for 2021 and I hope to see more of your beautiful art!

    1. Thank you Ria! I liked the idea of gray gems; not what we usually think of when we think of jewels. Happy 2021 to you and yours!

  2. Happy New Year, Margaret! Another fun exploration in your series. Thought you'd want to know that the term Molly actually uses in the video (at 06:42) is "peppering" (vs pepperish). I included it on my Terminology page at the time so that's why it sticks in my mind. Cheers and here's to a hopeful 2021!!

    1. Oh! Thanks Linda! For some reason I've been calling it Pepperish. I'll change this post. And all the best in 2021 to you and yours!

  3. How beautifully you have demonstrated shattuck. I really loved the half and half style of shattuck with those crazy strings going on different parts.

    Magnificent creativity.

    1. Thank you Aish! The half and half version is really interesting isn't it? I also like the half empty version.