Sunday, September 14, 2014


As you may have guessed, I've been enjoying playing with the new tangle Ing. With very straight lines it's quite angular and somewhat bold, but the lines don't need to be ramrod straight; they can curve a little. Here's a tile by Laura Sanders, a CZT in South Carolina USA, where she curves the lines slightly. Even those very slight curves make it more flowing.
What would happen if one used really curvy lines rather than straight ones? I thought it might look like waves. I tried it in five diagonal bands, leaving a space between the rows. Some leaf shapes appeared, and I filled in the two corners. The 'Pearlz on black' sections are often between two rows of curvy Ing. So, not waves so much, more like ribbons, but it certainly has quite a different look from the original Ing!
Tangles: curvy Ing, Black Pearlz, Pearlz
Essentially, all it involves is beginning with a rolling zigzag rather than a pointy one, and curving the two lines you add in each 'V' of the zigzag. You can sort of follow the curve of the original line. Like this:

I thought that - just like angular Ing - it would probably work nicely as a border and had a Renaissance tile with a pencil border at hand. (I admit to using a circle template for the two largest circles in the middle! Don't tell anyone.) I really like this tile!
Tangles: curvy Ing, Beadlines, Black Pearlz, Pearlz,
Providence, Tipple, and elements of Crescent Moon
Finally, here's a tile with angular Ing at the top, angular Ing with Rounding at the sides, and curvy Ing at the bottom.
Tangles: Crescent Moon, Ing, Paradox, Rounding, Tipple, Zewm
If you missed them, you can read my first post about Ing here, and about using Ing to make stars here.


  1. You are amazING!! Absolutely gorgeous! I will definitely give the curvy ING a try.... Your work is always so inspirational!

  2. These are wonderful Margaret, I'm loving the idea of the curvy ING!

  3. Monday morning cruise through my favorite blogs and you've just stopped me dead in my tracks (so-to-speak). Unbelievably inventive, intriguing and inspiring! Great way to start the week.

  4. Gorgeous is all I can say, oh and, "man I want to be like mike(margaret)" :)

  5. Your pageful of curvy ING! It should be framed and hung on the wall, seriously. It is SO well done!

  6. These are beautiful, thanks for sharing your take, and this great inspiration!

  7. I followed you over here from Square One on facebook. Thanks for the stepouts for your curvy version. I can't wait to try it. Lovely job!

  8. I wish I could think like you. I am not random or creative as you

    1. Chris, I think part of it is having a goofy idea and thinking, "I could try that." :)

  9. Beautiful flowy tanglING! It is so wonderful of you to share your discoveries—thank you! I love your online energy!