Monday, June 14, 2021

Zentangle's Project Pack 14

Take time for yourself. Chill out. Breathe. Recompose.

Mental health awareness is the inspiration and theme of this project pack, and how art and Zentangle can be beneficial to well-being. Included in the pack is a booklet - in which we did our drawing - of quotations about making art. Also, a medium gray Moonlight pen and a metallic green pen!


Noom (aka Noom Repus) and ribbons.


Striping (I did Striping with a twist), Sampson, Tipple, and a loopy little edge.


Paradox, Hollis, and Moon Pies.
Plus an illuminated letter, and a tiny pink heart.
You can see here some of the supplies in the project pack.


Verdigogh variations and Springkle. I added Paizel, Opus and Icantoo.


Gradual variations of the tangle Well.


Purk and Vega and various border tangles.
(There is no evidence that Einstein ever said this,
but he did comment about imagination.)

Tangles: Coaster, Icantoo, Prestwood, Purk, Seljuk, Sprouts, Unyun


Dingsplatz, coffering, and more. (Balloons!)

Tangles: Black Pearlz, Dingsplatz, Knightsbridge, Pearlz, Purk


On the final page, an invitation to draw our own conclusions.

Tangles: Black Pearlz, Rayga, Seljuk, Sprouts,


A Tripoli inkwell and a Fescu plume. I added the scroll.

e didn't fill all the pages in the nine days, and I still have one page left.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Aquafleur, Pepperish, and stripes

I love Fengle for its proclivity to do what it wants, wander all over the place, 
and break the rules like an artist.
Tangles: Beadlines, Black Pearlz, BTL Joos, Crescent Moon, Damsel Leaf,
Fengle, Fescu, Icantoo, Moon Pie, Paisley Boa, Rayga, Tipple, Trifle, Zonked

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

ACSS member spotlight: Me!

For a little over a year I've been participating in the Art Career Success System with Alyson Stanfield. Recently I was the featured artist! I'm reproducing it here as I can't seem to post a link.

*********   *********   *********   *********   *********   *********   *********   *********   *********   *********

Member Spotlight: Margaret Bremner

What has your attention in the studio these days? 

For several years I’ve been making eco-dyed paper, then seeing what I can find in the markings and drawing on it. I’ve tired of the ubiquitous browns and am adding more color to these. But I’m excited now to be trying other ways of creating random markings for art ‘starts’ and being messier with paint and ink and water!

What is your word for the year and why? 

I’ve tried the “word for the year” thing a few times and forget all about it by March. Currently I have the phrase “for now”. At one point I hated it because everything seemed to be something we were accepting for now, and nothing was being resolved. (We’ll keep it for now. Leave it there for now. We’ll stay here for now. It will do for now.) Then I had an epiphany: Everything is ‘for now’. Nothing stays the same. It reminds me of the impermanence of all things, much like “This, too, shall pass”.


Our theme this month is taking charge. When you are feeling overwhelmed or out of sync, what do you do to feel like you're in charge again?

Aaah, my buddy Overwhelm. I don’t know if it’s my age, or because I’ve never been a high energy person, or what, but I often feel that my plate is heaped way too high. Usually, I try to get a firm grip on myself and do just one small thing. One thing. A small thing. So I’ve done something. Then I can do another thing. I’m also learning to say “No” more, and trying to consciously determine whether something is in line with my vision and values.

What lesson from ACSS classes sticks with you? 

I particularly remember working on my artist's statement. I'd written one years ago, and revamped it from time to time. But it really didn't fit anymore and I welcomed the opportunity to write a completely new one. I shared on ACSS, rewrote, shared again, received many helpful comments, and rewrote again. In the end, the whole thing changed significantly from mach 4 to mach 5, and I finally got something I was quite happy with by the sixth writing. It's a lot of work but so worth it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

A new header banner!

You probably noticed that the blog looks a little different today!

I've been feeling the need for a new design and a new banner for some time. When I began this blog in October 2010 - five months after I became a CZT - I thought it would be about  a variety of art topics including Zentangle. It quickly became almost entirely about Zentangle and this was reflected in the original masthead, below. 

Zentangle instantly became, and still is, a major part of my artwork, but I'm exploring lots of other avenues, and I want the blog header to reflect that.

Recently I chose fonts and colors to use in all my materials across platforms and updated the blog's fonts and colors a few months ago. Some of those are the turquoises and orange in the new banner. (There's still some fine-tuning required in terms of a font on the blog.)

I started to design a new banner, but wasn't happy with where it was going. My first effort, below, went nowhere. (Well, I think it became ATCs or bookmarks!)

I realized that I also wanted to downplay the "enthusiastic artist" part of it, although I'm definitely still enthusiastic! I liked the photo of a work in progress and the supplies I was using. It struck me that I could show something like that in the header's image, with more artwork, and add my name as the major element.


The blog will still be found at for the foreseeable future.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Five more Book pages

My Book only has perhaps a dozen pages left in it. I haven't been in a hurry to fill it, wanting it to add something new only when I felt inspired. These are the most recent additions.

I was rather taken with two tangles, Salt (the hexagons) from Franciose Lip and Amazing Spider (in the background) from Hennie Brouwer. 

Two of the recent project packs from Zentangle had flower-like results, which I enjoyed reproducing in my Book.

I was charmed by Cherryl Moote's tangle Morrisseau. Some of the elements here are collaged, some are drawn on the page.

I've occasionally worked with found text, so I did that on one page. I tore two pages from the same book and glued them into my larger book, then hunted and tangled.

I've been loving the stains left by my husband's hibiscus tea bags: pinks, purples, blues, grays, browns, ochres... Unfortunately, the paper in this book is not as friendly towards them as is the Tiepolo paper of the Zentangle tiles. This page ended up with only grays, and rather wrinkly. I also tried using some stencils with the teabags.


For previous Book pages, check these posts:

  1. How it began
  2. Next steps
  3. Inserting an eco-dyed paper
  4. Back cover, an alphabet, gems and paisley
  5. Hexagons
  6. Celtic-style tangles, and W2
  7. Frontispiece and photos of my grandmother
  8. Space junk
  9. A sunflower, and the flower of life
  10. Knightsbridge and magic squares
  11. More space junk
  12. For now - A phrase I hated, now dear to my heart
  13. Mongolian roofs
  14. Cubine and Fassett
  15. Nautilus
  16. Notanical - combining Notan and botanical imagery
  17. An 'oops' page
  18. Inspired by Project Pack 7
  19. Four more pages: twisted striping, and borders
  20. Three more pages: leaves, tea, and spirals
  21. A month of joy
  22. A few more pages in my marvelous book: a dragon, neurographic drawing, and BrixBox/Cantire

Monday, April 19, 2021

Zentangle's Project Pack #13

Transitions...   water-soluable graphite...   clear Glaze ink...   resists...   

DAY ONEI liked Maria's results in the demonstrated tile, but mine looked dull and dark. So I did two others, 'inspired by'.

DAY TWO - A 3D look using a particular fragment and clear Glaze ink resist.

DAY THREE - I couldn't help but see a sunflower as this progressed. Then, of course, I had to try one in color. I like the black-and-white one better!

I had two Phi tiles with hibiscus teabag stains. One looked liked another sunflower, the other looked rose-like.

DAY FOUR - Crazy Cadent with clear Glaze resist and graphite wash. I did gathered corners in some of my Cadent.

DAY FIVE - Using the Glaze pen in sections of Aquafleur, and the water-soluable graphite elsewhere. I tried another one - 'inspired by' - on a tan, hibiscus-teabag-stained tile.

DAY SIX - Mooka transitioning to Springkle transitioning to Bunzo, beginning with a graphite wash of lines.

DAY SEVEN - Ing in thick lines of clear Glaze, then washed in graphite. Rick went in an interesting direction, "erasing" micron lines from the Glaze, but I had seen another direction, and wanted to try nestling rows of Ing.

DAY EIGHT - Lots of possibilities shown for using the water-soluable graphite to create strings from which to be inspired! Here are some of my results:

A slightly-curvy square grid became Cubine and Dex and a few Pearlz.

A dripped orb became Arukas and Within with hints of a tangle whose name I can't recall!

A spiral string filled with the spiral tangle Ohana.

A series of wet graphite rows called for Romanancy, and a row of Rayga. 

A partial orb with drips got turned upside down to make different drips.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Leaky pen borders

Stop! Don't throw out that leaky pen!
You can use it to make interesting borders...

Below is the first tile I ever did with a leaky pen border.

And here's one with twisted Striping and Knightsbridge.

It's a simple matter of rolling the leaky end around over the edge of the tile. You need to be a little cautious so you don't get ink all over your fingers! Here is my first video (!!!) to show you how I go about it. (I couldn't see the camera, and the sound was on, so you can hear my husband giving me instructions!)

Below are a couple of photos showing the border in process, and what it looked like when finished. This is on eco-dyed paper.

Here is the result of the tile in the video.
Tangles: Crescent Moon, Doodah, Knase,
Knightsbridge, Snail 

"Window on the Woods"
(c)2015 Margaret Bremner
Tangles: Pearlz, Seljuk, Wud

I really like using Seljuk as a border with the leaky pen.
It nicely accommodates some of the blotches and irregularity. 
"The Door's Always Open"
(c)2017 Margaret Bremner
Tangles: Crezn't, Floo, Paradox, Pearlz,
Sanibelle, Seljuk, Tagh

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Tinted graphite - February's SketchBox

I've subscribed to SketchBox art supplies for six months and the February box was about graphite and tinted graphite. It's water-soluable, so it can look a bit like watercolor.

The supplies that came in February's box.

I started with some random, pale gray lines, thinking I might do a set of houses as I've done often in the past. However, three mountains appeared instead. This is 4"x6".

How it began

How it ended

I have a set of French curves and used some "as is" to create curvy sections, colored with the tinted graphite, added water, then tangled on top. This is also 4"x6".

Tangles: Black Pearlz, KrliQs, Peppering, Wunderwall

I used tinted graphite, micron pens, and colored pencil to create the piece below on beige tinted paper, again 6"x4.

Tangles: Icantoo, Paizel, Pearlz

I like the tinted graphite better than I expected. I like using water with it, and it offers muted colors, which sometimes is what you want.