Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jack Wise, Artist

I have long enjoyed the intricate mandalas painted by Jack Wise. In particular I like how he often flows the same pattern through various color changes or shading.

In his early 30s Jack Wise moved from the United States to British Columbia, Canada, to pursue a life as a homesteader. That was in the early 1960s. After a brief hiatus, he returned to his painting with a passion that lasted the rest of his life. Wise was known for his calligraphy based upon Chinese brushwork, and for his colorful mandalas which embody a Buddhist cosmology. 

I originally had one of Jack Wise's mandala paintings on this blog post, but was requested to remove it. I did. Nonetheless, you can see some of his wonderful artwork here. Click on the yellow word "Contemplate", then on the yellow word "mandalas". Be sure to look at the detail images for each painting.


  1. Hello Margaret,
    I too have a great love of work by Wise. I'm curious about this request to alter your blog tho ~ was it a painting that Jack wanted to keep private or ....? Rather forward of me to pry of course, but just can't help it ~ my love rides alongside wonder about his legacy. Speaking of which ~ are you aware of the "secret diary" discovered amongst his papers last year? Do let me know if you'd like to have a copy forwarded.
    with best regards,

    1. Hi Kym,

      I received a somewhat legal-sounding e-mail from the Artists Rights Society (ARS) which "represents the intellectual property rights of numerous visual artists and artists’ estates from around the world, including the Estate of Jack Wise."

      I was advised that "The Wise Estate has complained that Jack Wise’s work is depicted on the Enthusiastic Artist website without authorization..." which I admit is true, although I did credit the work and provide a link to more. They wrote, "Demand is hereby made that you promptly remove Jack Wise’s work from the Enthusiastic Artist website or seek a license for such use." Since a license would have cost me money I decided to remove the image, but leave the link.

      I'm not aware of the secret diary. Sounds interesting. Is it mainly about his art or day-to-day life? How long? You can find my e-mail address under the "Contact and Copyright" tab at the top.

      Thanks for writing!

  2. I was a personal friend of Jacks when he lived in Texada Island. Both him and his lovely wife Mary, often shared cup of green tea with me. Besides of being a great artist Jack Wise was a great person involved in environmental issues. He often traveled miles to participate in the defense of brutal logging practises. I am proud to have known Jack, God Bless him

  3. I have a original signed piece by Jack M. Wise. "Bon Po Ritual"
    11 1/4" x 7 1/2" dated 11/67
    Would you know if anyone might be interested in purchasing it, possibly the estate.
    Regards, Deon