Thursday, June 23, 2011

SCOOPS tangle instructions

Summer is taking its own sweet time arriving in Saskatoon. However, the rhubarb is coming up and we've enjoyed ice cream on rhubarb crisp a few times.

I had this idea for a pattern in May 2010 at the Zentangle teacher training seminar in Whitinsville, MA. We didn't have ice cream; I don't know where the idea came from. The non-zentangle thing about this pattern is that it does represent actual objects, but I wonder if, perhaps, if it's done in a large enough section, or ends up sideways or upside down, it could become simply a pattern. Perhaps it could alter in such a way that it doesn't look quite so much like ice cream cones?

You don't have to leave most of them white. There are no Rules. Do as you like. Stripes, dots, cross-hatch... have fun! This might be fun to teach to elementary-school-aged kids, or would they think there's a "right way up"? Maybe it would work best on a piece of zentangle inspired art involving letters or words where there is a right-way-up.

Here's Scoops on a zentangle inspired art project by Marlene, one of the students at my Tanglicious class. She's doing initials for her granddaughter.

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