Thursday, July 21, 2011

Faeries beware

Well, it's always good to find out what you CAN'T do. I am now able to eliminate landscape architecture for the faerie worlde from my list of alternate job possibilities. This week's zentangle challenge, courtesy of guest challenger CZT Carol Bailey Floyd, is to tangle a place that fairies might like to visit.

There are many tangles that are reminiscent of plant life, and I thought those would be good to use. Also stars. Also big things with tiny people, and to me the tangle Artoo always looks big. "Fairies" to me means light and airy, flitty and flighty. My first attempt was more heavy and dark than I really wanted.

Tangles: Artoo, Caviar, Daggerly, Drupe, Finery, Gneiss, Knightsbridge, Lilypads, Miranda, Tidings

Second go at it. I tried some new tangles: Warble and Frondous (magically turned into wheat with a bit of fairy dust by this prairie girl!). Still a bit dark, although I like the little white "path" leading in from the bottom.

Tangles: Caviar, Finery, Flux, Florez, Frondous, Hurly Burly, OoF, Warble

Third try lucky? Well, at least a little more successful. The tangle Aah! seemed rather fairy-like, and I kept the botanical influence. I also like this border; it seems somewhat like flower petals.

Maybe the faeries flitting about in my head are just a little oddball.


  1. Tangle magic, yes that little path adds mystery, all three are wonderful!

  2. All three are awesome, but I think the fairies will be playing in the last one most of the time. Excellent tangles in all three pieces.

  3. i would love to meet all the fairies that visit all your delightful Fairylands -- your choice of tangles is exquisite and the flow is just incredible! Hooray! -- Carol

  4. Just love them all!! But I Think the last one is the most fairy-like, well done!I love the way your tangles all work together.Anne

  5. Well, I have to figure that like people, faeries probably have different personalities, with some liking bright and airy spaces, and others, dark cozy cubbies. I like the latter, so if I were a faerie, I'd be hanging out in the first one most of the time:) Love them all.