Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Weekly challenge number 30. That' several months. The Diva is taking a well-deserved summer break and we're having some guest challengers. This week it's CZT Christina Vandervlist, a fellow Canadian, who's challenged us with another string idea: use your initials, overlapped, as a string.

On my first two tiles I used a border and more-or-less cursive writing for the letters. The tile on the left I like better on its 'side' (the original bottom is on the left).

Tangles on the left: Caviar, Crescent Moon, Gneiss, Marasu, Munchin, Unyun
Tangles on the right: Gneiss, Parabola, black Pearlz

Next I thought I'd do one using the style of initials I use to sign my Zentangle tiles, even though they don't overlap. Then I had the idea to use Celtic (or uncial) style letters, which I think are quite lovely. With that one I took a bit more time with the string!

Tangles on the left: Beadlines, Crescent Moon, Meer, black Pearlz, Riverstones, Tipple
Tangles on the right: Munchin, Shattuck, Striping, Tipple

Then, having some new black tiles and white pens, and a new white pencil that's much better than what I had before, I wanted to attempt another black tile. I've found them trickier than I expected; it's almost like working in reverse. Here I used the white pencil to draw outlines of a block M and a block B. I used a blending stick on the white pencil "shading" (really, highlighting) and I like the softened effect but it's a bit hard on the paper!

Tangles: Crescent Moon, Florez, Pearlz, Shattuck, Tipple


  1. These are great "Tangles". This is a good one(again). Love the Challenges!

  2. These are all outstanding! Each tile has an unique quality all it's own. Margaret, you are an inspiration!

  3. There all so great, it's hard to pick a favorite. But I have to pick the 4th one by a hair. It reminds me a an Indian wedding pitcher.

  4. They are all so wonderful! I may have to go back and try again!

  5. Oh did you have fun with this one! I love all of your ideas. Very inspiring!

  6. Margaret, it is just NOT POSSIBLE to choose a favourite! All your artwork is simply fabulous!

  7. Stupendous!!! I love all your tangles...