Sunday, September 25, 2011

Art at Agar's weekend

I spent Saturday at an art show at Agar's Corner about 30 minutes from my home in Saskatoon. I talked to a lot of people, sold some artwork, sold some Zen Mandalas books, and have several more people interested in Zentangle classes! My new display panels and slipcovers served well. Here are a couple of photos.

A painter, a mobile maker, another painter, and a Shaker box maker.

Me, writing price labels, with a lot of Zentangle-inspired art.
I was near a door and in the 30+ degree heat
the occasional breeze was appreciated.

There wasn't a lot of down time (good!) but still, I had a tile and a pen handy. More than once I overheard, "Oh look, she's doing it now!" :-)  Here are the two tiles I completed that afternoon.

Tangles: Assunta, Beelight, Black Pearls, Caviar, Florz,
Flux, Lotus Pods, Miranda, Rain, Striping, Strircles, Yale

I love the little egg that made an appearance in this one!

Tangles: Bales, Caviar, Ogen, Parabola,
Paradox, Prestwood, Rain, Wud


  1. Love your tangles and always enjoy hearing what is happening in Saskatoon.

  2. This is a great tip for anyone who is displaying artwork at a show. If your art form permits (like Zentangle), demonstrate how your art is created. It's a guaranteed way to draw people to your booth, and a great conversation starter.