Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PARCH tangle instructions

Earlier I posted instructions for DIAMOND PANES, a tangle pattern based on a design I found in a Bargello pattern book I got from the library. This is another pattern from the same book. It's a series of two points and one arch. The Bargello name for this one is "Points and Arches' which is how I arrived at PARCH for a name.

I found it helpful to imagine a line across the paper as I was drawing. That helped ensure that the tops or bottoms of the points and arches line up (more or less) and don't get too out of whack as the pattern develops. The stripes can be filled in different ways for variations. Here are two tiles with Parch.

Tangles: Dust Bunny, Finery, Paradox, Parch, Prestwood
Tangles: Florz, Gewgle, Hibred, Parch (x2), Spinners...
and something Jane Monk does that I really like!


  1. Interesting, I was just thinking how it would be fun to transfer zentangle pattern to knitting and here you have it! I stumbled upon bargello in chrochet only yesterday and will dö some more research! Wouldn't it be great to se zentangle in knitted garment? Perhaps even create my own tangles and knit them too! Anyway, thank you for getting my imagination Into Gear!

    1. Interesting idea Nona. I've seen zentangle tangles used in needlepoint and quilting, but I'd love to see it in knitting.

  2. I am now in the process of bringing the idea to life and it is quite the challange I must say but I enjoy it. Will of course post pic soon as I have one! And I will be careful not to step out of line regarding copyright and stuff!