Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Where I live the sky is enormous. I love it! I've had occasion to drive to the neighboring province twice recently. More on that soon. At one point the sky was quite stuffed with big, puffy clouds (more than in the photo) and I thought of my tangle Dust Bunny. It inspired me to do a prairie landscape Zentangle tile. Above is a photo of the real thing...

... and here it is, tangled!

Tangles: Caviar, Dust Bunny, Hibred, Sanibelle and stippling


  1. That view could be an inspiration to all. Maybe you will develop a 'cloud' for this purpose. I love your landscape zen.

  2. Great use of 'Dust Bunny'. Your photo reminds me of drives up to Regina when we could see the lights of the city 100 miles away it was sooooo flat.

  3. What a great use of dust bunny. Very cool zentangle.