Friday, October 28, 2011


The tangle Chainging slipped under my radar until the recent posting "Strength, Courage, Hope" on the Zentangle blog. In that post, Maria showed a variation on Chainging which has developed into the new tangle Punzel. You can find step-outs for both tangles here. And that new tangle developed into this week's Zentangle challenge from our lovely Diva. I'm happy to have discoverd both these tangles. Here are my attempts for this week.

Tangles: Assunta, Punzel, Tripoli
Tangles: Crescent Moon, Punzel, Tipple

This weekend I'm off to buy some special Ozzie blend coffee at Leven's in Saskatoon. They're generously sponsoring a fundraiser called I'm Supporting Ozzie to help the Harms family (that's our Diva+3) to attend the 2012 Moebius Syndrome Conference in Philadelphia.
Here's Ozzie with his coffee:


  1. Wow you did brilliant with Punzel! I can see it in 3D with shading there on first one. Clever with second image with bit of empty space in middle but it look part of the picture. Brilliant!

  2. thanks for the shout out! maybe we'll see you tomorrow!!

  3. Great tangles!! LOVE the shading on the first!

  4. I wish I were there in your town to buy some coffee. I love the concept of coffee as a fund raiser. All our love to Ozzie, as I think He's the youngest attendee to any of our conferences. Best, Maria (and Rick)

  5. Very cool tiles! I love how you made tripoli go under the other patterns and become the peekaboo background. I also like the way you played with scale and kept all the patterns oversized!