Sunday, October 23, 2011

Zentangle workshops in Alberta


In early August I gave a Zentangle workshop in Red Deer AB, a seven hour drive away. The delightful group were members of the Red Deer Lettering Arts Guild, so they were well accustomed to using their fine motor skills!

The host was already a Zentangle fan and had created a golf hat. Some others were familiar with Zentangle and one had already tangled a Muskoka chair!

Two had to leave early so there were only three for the second half. Here are tiles 3 and 4 that they created.

Tangles for tile 3 (top row): Daggerly, Hibred, Hurry, Munchin, Purslane, Yincut
Tangles for tile 4 (bottom row): Caviar, Cubine, Gneiss, Paradox, Printemps, Rain
They asked about Lacing at the end and some added it.


In mid-October I drove back to the same area and gave a workshop just outside High River, a slightly longer drive away. It was a larger group, many of whom are weavers and/or spinners. Here they are hard at fun on tile number three just after a wonderful pot-luck lunch.

Here's a photo of everyone's the first tile:

Tangles: Hollibaugh, Knightsbridge, Munchin, Tipple

These trips were a great opportunity to get out into the country for a while and I got to see the Rocky Mountains again since I-don't-know-when. I'd forgotten how they often look like a mirage on the horizon.

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  1. Margaret, you are a great teacher. Your students obviously enjoyed themselves, and I hope you did as well. The views you share with us are spectacular, and like you say...big sky. something I am not used peaceful. Best, Maria