Monday, November 21, 2011

AEDM #21 - Fife

Molly Hollibaugh recently shared a new tangle called Fife. You can find the drawing instructions here, and see more examples here.Like Abbe Road that I did yesterday, Fife also begins with a grid of dots.

Tangles: Festune, Fife, Fracas, Ogen, Striping, Zapateado

I really enjoy this tangle, and there are many possibilities for variations. In the tile below I tried Fife as demonstrated (upper left), Fife with a variation in the overlapping (lower right), an attempt at something that didn't work as I'd hoped (bottom) and also the classic Flower of Life pattern (top). Give it a try yourself.

Tangles: Fife, Finery (sort of), Flower of Life, Keenees, Tipple

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