Sunday, November 27, 2011

AEDM #27 - Zippa

Zippa, from Neil Burley, is one of those tangles that requires more concentration. I like how the white section bumps and grinds its way through the pattern; I did thin stripes in some areas so the white would show more. The instructions for this tangle are given using graph paper (not my favorite) - but it's not too tricky if you start with the row of offset squares. I also tried a variation of Boomerangs.

Tangles: Boomerangs, Knightsbridge, Paradox, Tidings, Zippa

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  1. I've seen some others of Neil's and find them intriguing - I missed this one though. I'm loving your daily tangles and that you're sharing all these ones I'm not familiar with - it's fun to see so many!