Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winnipeg weekend: AEDM #17

I spent last weekend in Winnipeg at a regional Baha'i conference and, of course, noticed patterns! For Art Every Day Month I tried deconstructing and drawing these patterns.

Upholstery on a hotel chair. It looks
like a combination of Amaze and Emingle.
Part of the pattern in a hotel carpet.

Above: Brickwork on a street.
At right:
A column outside the Children's Theatre.

Here are my rough sketches of these patterns:

Then I tangled! I tried variations of the patterns above, partly to see what worked best and partly because some of them lent themselves to alternate possibilities. Here are three tiles I did.
The four patterns in simple forms. I prefer the
"bricks" very simple, like this, or as they are on the third tile.
I tried some variations of the "carpet leaf spiral" but
I prefer the simpler, bolder way it is on the previous tile.
I like the "column" pattern best as it is on the
left, but the right side is interesting too.
Do these patterns already exist as tangles? Do they need names?


  1. FWIW - to me the spiral pattern is similar to Cookie's "Snaylz Trayl" -

    I like the puffy column pattern, your shading really gives it dimension.

    Lovely tiles, as always!

  2. Thanks Linda! Snaylz Trayl it is, although I kind of prefer it with pointy ends rather than ovals. Just a variation! :-)

  3. Oh, those are all really great! I love them all and they will find a place in my new pattern book! I love what you did with them as well. I will be off to check out the snaliz trailz link now!

  4. I know I saw a similar pattern of the carpet pattern but I can't rememer the name or the artist .My personal favorite is the column,a bit tricky to reproduce.Third tile is my favorite.

  5. Oh, I love the column! I think it could be its own tangle. I'm going to try it right now :)