Monday, December 5, 2011


Zentangle makes a couple of "Ensemble" sets. These are nine, pre-strung tiles that fit together to make a larger piece of zentangle artwork. One set is mainly straight-ish lines, the other more curvy. Here they are:

The fun in this is to take any tile, do your ink tangles and pencil shading, and put it away. Then take out another tile from the set. Do the same with this one, and on and on, without looking at what you've done before. When you're finished the nine tiles and put them together, you'll find that the string flowing through everything holds it all together beautifully, even though you haven't looked and planned, and the tangle patterns don't match from tile to tile.

The group that recently completed the seventh CZT training decided to to an Ensemble swap, and invited the rest of the CZTs to join in if they wanted. I wanted! I'll send in one of each ensemble, and receive one of each in return, but... the ensembles I receive will be drawn by nine different people! And it will still all fit together beautifully!

Here are the two ensembles I'll be sending off soon. First, the one with straight lines. This one I did in the past week or so and used some of the tangles I've been trying out during November's Art Every Day Month.

Tangles: Amaze, Bales, Caviar, Chebucto, Diamond Panes, Florez, Flux, Flying Geese, Fracas, Gneiss,
Hibred, Hollibaugh, Ixorus, Jonqal, Lotus Pods, Marasu, Marbles, OoF, Opus, Parabola, Paradox,
Parch, Posh, Prestwood, Rain, Rosé, Seljuk, Striping, Tidings, Tipple, Tripoli, Zedbra

Here is the one with curvy lines. Some of the tiles I did about a year ago as a sample for classes. I wanted an unfinished one so students could see both parts of the process. When I look at them closely I can tell what was done earlier and what was done recently. I'm improving!

Tangles: Black Pearlz, Cadent, Casella attempt, Caviar, Crescent Moon, Cubine, Daggerly, Finery, Florz,
Hibred, Hopscotch, Knightsbridge, Lacing, Msst, Munchin, N'zeppel, Paradox, Pina, Posh, Rain,
Rosé, Scoodle, Shattuck, Spinners, Striping, Tink, Tipple, Up and Across, Xyp, Yincut

If you're interested in trying these wonderful sets, you can purchase them from Zentangle here, or support a local CZT and see if they have any available. :-)
And if you're wondering about the CZT thing, read this.


  1. In the second set... what is the tangle used in the top right of the top right tile? The one that looks like the top of tall buildings? I LOVE that and I don't recall seeing it before...
    Beautiful work... as always! TFS

  2. It's a variation of Casella. I'll say that rather than "it's Casella that went a bit sideways". :-) I added the Black Pearlz to the pattern, too.

  3. I have a hard enough time drawing Casella when I am following the pattern to the T - but I love the variation! It has such a neat look!

  4. 'Bellatrix', I WAS intending to follow the directions! It's always interesting if you just keep going when it looks like it's going off the rails. I think the shading all on one side of the 'boxed' gives it that "tops of buildings" look. I really like that too!