Wednesday, December 21, 2011


My family loves board games. Sometimes, when we get a new game, there are cardboard pieces to press out of a sheet. I often find the leftover board with holes in it of more interest than the game pieces!

Years ago I did a painting using one of those boards, a square one with 100 circles in it. I glued the cardboard piece onto the work surface and painted away. I filled the little pressed-out areas with tiny "treasures" (coins, metal charms, tiny images, etc.). I had my framer use the same frame in two colors so that the top of the frame would look like part of the lid of the box.
"Treasure Box" ©  2003 Margaret Bremner
24" square; acrylic paint, collage

Recently my husband bought the game Acquire. Here's one of the leftover press-out cardboards.

As it happens, the press-out spaces are an inch square, and the spaces between are 1/4 inch. Three squares plus two spaces equals 3.5 inches. Fits perfectly on a Zentangle tile. (Seriously, is anyone surprised?) So I traced the little squares onto a couple of tiles and got out a pen. Some of those tangles I tried during Art Every Day Month need a little more practice!

I hadn't heard the term "inchie" until several months ago. These aren't separate one inch pieces, but maybe they qualify?


  1. You are truly amazing! First the painting is just outright gorgeous! I am glad you explained what it was because I was looking at it like it was a work by Escher! And then there's your inchies... Fabulous!!!

  2. Very cool idea! And that's some small tangling! I like the second tile where the little dotted line moves thru the tile. Great idea!!
    Happy Holidays.

  3. Brilliant! Totally brilliant... thanks so much for sharing with us!

  4. so the concept of using a toss-away. And so beautifully done......always thinking, Margaret! Cheers, Maria (and Rick)

  5. Just love it! You never run out of new ideas, and , as i seem to want to do everything you do,now I have something to keep me busy over hols. Thanks for sharing all your ideas too, they are great. I like the linkage using the dots too.