Monday, December 26, 2011

Recent Zentangle tiles #2

It's our second Monday of the Diva's family-time break from posing challenges and here, as promised, are some Zentangle tiles I've done recently.

Tangles: Fohbraid, Knase, Posh, Tri-dots, Tripoli, Unyun
Tangles: Bilt, Caviar, Chebucto, Diamond Panes,
Knightsbridge, Msst, Ragz, Tipple
Tangles: Knase, Paradox, Phuds, Rosé with Black Pearlz, Striping, Zedbra
Tangles: Auras, Black Pearlz, Fohbraid, Hibred,
Munchin, Not-a-knot, Pearlz, Unyun

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