Monday, December 19, 2011

Recent Zentangle tiles

For the next few weeks there will be no new Zentangle challenge from the Diva on Mondays. She's taking a much-deserved family-time break until January 9. That will be a different sort of challenge for many of us!

I've decided that on those Mondays I'll post a few of my interesting, and relatively recent, Zentangle tiles. Herewith the first installment: two tiles with some spaces left empty and a monotangle.

Tangles: Assunta, Black Pearls, Dutch Hourglass, Lilypads,
Lotus Pods, Ogen, Prestwood, Yale, and something
Jane Monk does that I really like!
(I'm considering filling that white 'wing' on the left to make
an egg shape stand out more.)
Tangles: Assunta, Black Pearls, Crescent Moon,
Finery, Meer, Shattuck, Tripoli
The tangle here is based on something I saw from Bettie Lake, with
intertwined black and white ribbons and a few little circles/beads/bubbles.
I really like it, but I don't know if it has a name.

The string is Sue Clark's brilliant Tri-Shapes string (circle/square/triangle) idea.
Hard to tell when the tangle doesn't fill the entire space right to the edges!


  1. Good day from holland.
    nice to see your work. I have you as a link in my website. I enjoy very much drawing again.
    Joke Broekhans Geers | Meppel

  2. I love the ribbony one and though I didn't see it right off, I was able to identify the 3 shapes once I knew to look. Very clever, very intriguing and my favorite organic style!

  3. Margaret, I always love seeing your work! I really had to look at the last one for awhile to find the tri-shape thinks you are the brillant artist here!!!

  4. You do such beautiful work, thank you for sharing it so freely on the web, very inspirational! :)

  5. I love them all, but the last is so much like ribbon candy. I love the flow of it.