Friday, March 2, 2012

Two new tangles attempted

Recently I tried two new tangles: Hi-C's from Anita Roby-Lavery and Plaited from Sue Jacobs.

Hi-C's is lovely, but it looked a little empty when I finished the tile, so I went a bit crazy and filled in areas with other bits and pieces. I simply divided the tile into four squares. Two opposite corners feature this tangle in single form. In another I again divided the square into four and did what Anita shows in her instructions. In the fourth square I used Bales as it seemed to go with the shapes in Hi-C's. This tangle certainly lends itself to variations and embellishment!

Tangles: Bales, Black Pearlz, Plaited, simple stripes, and Rounding.

I found Plaited more challenging. On my first try I really botched it. Oops.

Then I realized that I hadn't exactly followed the directions! I looked at the instructions again and noticed that I need to draw the alternating curved lines before I do the straight lines that join them. Essentially steps one and two are both shown in step one. I had better luck on the second go 'round. It still needs some practise but I think I'm getting the idea. That's good because it's a lovely pattern!


  1. Thanks for posting these. I've gone back to my blog post and tried to explain the directions a little more clearly. Let me know if that helps!

    I love that you showed that even someone as talented as you struggles sometimes. It gives everyone hope!

  2. I love your samples! I never thought about adorning the inside of Hi-C's....I seem to draw it so tightly that it never occurred to me! That's why I enjoy watching ya'll inspires me! I also loved the Plaited tangle! Nice tiles! Thanks for sharing!
    Aloha, Andrea

  3. Wow those area really nice tiles.

  4. I really like your work, thanks for sharing it and your thought processes. Seeing how someone else thinks through the Zentangle process is refreshing and it sparks ideas of my own. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Lovin' this post, Margaret! Especially like to see the bloopers. You sure do instill inspiration... at least you attempt to draw all the new tangles that are published. My tendency is to put them at the bottom of the pile if it's not "easy". Not such a good idea, huh? (practice, practice, practice.....)