Friday, November 16, 2012

AEDM 16 - Khirkee

Khirkee is a recent tangle from Claire Warner. I liked doing this tangle more than I expected, and can see the possibility for many variations. For this tile I used string idea  #12 from
Tangles: Combs, Firecracker, Khirkee (in four different forms)

I have a growing stack of Erin Olsen's Zendala Dare templates so I decided to use one and do more Khirkee. This is Zendala Dare #30 but I just used the template and didn't do the dare.
Tangles: Jalousie, Khirkee, Pearlz, Perfs, Phuds


  1. Your khirkee experimentation is great. Really love the zendala!

  2. Fantastic! The Zendala is great.