Friday, April 15, 2011

More Mooka-licious-ness-essity

Mooka's got me hooked. But then, so did Ixorus when it was presented a few months ago. In fact any tangle new to me hooks me for a while until I feel I know it well enough to add it to my tangle arsenal. I think I see a lot of possibilities in it and I just don't seem to be able to put them on paper. I had to do more.

The art nouveau botanical look of Mooka kept reminding me of a painting I like. J.E.H. MacDonald was a member  of the Group of Seven, a seminal group of Canadian landscape painters. He painted Tangled Garden in 1916. In the Diva's slide show for challenge #16 Mooka, I saw many creations that resembled tangled gardens.

I've been experimenting. I've wanted to put different ends on the 'frondlets'. I even started a page in one of my Zentangle notebooks for "Possible Frondlet Ends". (We artists are an odd lot, and I include you, dear reader, in the lot!)

I wondered if I could get a more tangled look and tried three stems, putting one up the middle as well as one on each side. I've tried making curvier stems rather than straighter - a lovely effect but I get rather confused as stems profuse. I don't think that's a verb but it rhymes with confuse! Here are starting examples of Mooka with three stems and with curvy stems. I just realized that the 3-stem example only has a middle stem on the first go-round; I'll have to work on that.

In the tile below I used the 'brush' pen for some of the lines. That's what makes them heavy and bold and a little less fluid. Note the "venus fly trap" and "grasping claws" frondlet ends, both unplanned. :-)  Despite those, I rather like this tile.

Tangles: MOOKA and Aura, Fern, Hibred, Pearlz

It seemed every time I did this, all the Mookas began in the middle of the tile and moved out. I decided I'd should probably try to include some major tangles besides Mooka. Here's one:

Tangles: MOOKA and Echoism, Finery, Striping, Poke Leaf frondlets and dots
Mooka and me - we're not done yet!


  1. Ah yes - a well-designed and fluid tangle does tend to draw us in doesn't it? *G* Your final tile is FABULOUS and well integrated with other tangles. Bravo!

  2. Wow, Margret! It was actually called "Tangled Garden"! How perfect. I love it when this kind of doodoodoodoo stuff happens......
    Love your tiles and the fanciful tales that accompany them. Process is so interesting. thanks, M

  3. Oooh, very cool Margaret! I like your variations :)