Wednesday, April 13, 2011

15 (minutes) x 4

Back to basics! When Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts designed Zentangle one of the criteria was that a tile could be completed in 15-20 minutes. No piles of unfinished projects gathering dust in the corner. Instead, a stack of lovely miniature masterpieces. The Diva's challenge this week - "15 Minutes of Fame" - is to do just that: complete a tile in 15 minutes.

Andy Warhol had an art exhibition in Sweden in 1968. In the exhibit catalog he is quoted as saying, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." Thus was born one of the iconic statements of our times.

I know I spend longer than 15 minutes on a tile. I've started telling my students 15-30 minutes. This challenge would be interesting!

Once I got rolling it was rather invigorating. I felt like a writer at one of those weekend novel-writing contests, just blasting away, getting something down on the paper, not thinking too much about what was going on the paper.

I intended to do a couple of tiles. In the end, I did four over an hour or so. I noticed that I followed my intuition more and just went with whatever occurred to me as I was drawing. In between tiles, I found myself shaking out my hands and arms like a sprinter before a race!

Here are my four tiles, in order of creation. What amazes me is how different they all are!

There were two whole sections on the left that I didn't even get to. I shaded it instead. And the center of the coil didn't quite get finished. If I hadn't said that you probably wouldn't even have noticed. :-)

I began with a Brush pen in hopes of covering slightly more ground, more quickly!

The dots just happened. I was thinking of something else. The fact that a few sections were better left blank certainly helped with the time constraints!

I do like this one! It reminds me of a Barbara Hepworth sculpture and looks just as interesting upside down. (I have an image of everyone getting up and twisting their necks to see it!) I used a 08 pen for the heavy black areas.


  1. LOL - great work and yes, you DID have me twisting to check out the last one from a different angle!

  2. The third one... there's an apple in there - yep, definitely an apple. And yes - I twisted around for the fourth. I love *all* of them! but the fourth is my favourite. (And thank you for reminding me of the origin of the 15 minutes of fame saying.... I should've taken a minute or three to look it up [yep, I'm getting the irony! LOL]. Great tiles, Margaret!

  3. I'm impressed. You've inspired me to try again. BTW - my verification word was "hurri." How weird is that???

  4. what an awesome job you did! i have to admit i'm quite intimidated by this challenge as i dither and dawdle over patterns when i tangle.

  5. I like them all. I think it's a great way to remind myself that white spaces can be very interesting. Hope to find the time to do one myself (yes, even 15 minutes...) LOL

  6. All of them are really nice. I love the last one and I did twist my neck around to look at it upside down-LOL!

  7. Love the build up and drama of reaching the last one which is my favourite!

  8. Beautiful. I like the boldness of the design.Seems you really knew what you were going to draw.that is where real artistic talent shows up. Mine was so hesitating and sketchy.