Friday, April 22, 2011

RAG ATCs received

A few months ago I sent nine zentangle-inspired artist trading cards (ATCs) to the Richmond Art Gallery in British Columbia for their 5th (and last, I learned later) annual artist trading card show. There were over 420 participants from all over the world. At the end of the exhibition, the cards are traded and gallery staff does a tremendous amount of work effecting trades for all the out-of-town artists.  Here is a photo of one wall of the exhibition, from the RAG's Facebook page:

You can see the cards I sent here. Below is a photo of part of the gallery. My cards are in the upper left. Lucky to have made it into one of the photos clearly enough to know they're mine!

Here are the cards I received in return. The three in the right column are fabric: machine embroidery on linen, weaving, and felt work. The one at the middle left is a collection of 'found' objects. The lower middle one has cut-out windows.

I also received the 'catalogue' for the show: a poster with a list of all the artists, where they live and their placement in the gallery, and on the other side one image from each of the participants. Here it is, 400 artist trading cards!

And... will ya lookit that?!? Way in the lower left corner? Someone else contributed Zentangle inspired cards, too!!!


  1. What fun for you! It looks like a great exhibit to see. Too bad they are discontinuing it though. Your ATCs are wonderful!

  2. Too cool! I'm glad you received such a great feeling from this exhibit and have such cool trades to enjoy now.

  3. Did you find the card that represented your contribution in the 400 ATC image?

  4. I did Joanie. It's in the second row, third from the right.