Sunday, May 15, 2011

JASH tangle pattern

Lately, I've been rather enthralled by the line art of Justine Ashbee, and have posted about it a couple of times before. I love how her drawing swirls in and around and over and under itself.

A Zentangle enthusiast in Germany may have seen my posts about Ashbee's work, and has recently come up with a tangle inspired by her art. She's called the tangle JASH, and you can see it here. (In German, you'd pronounce it "yash")  :-)

In some ways it really isn't a pattern, but a style or method; you can take the lines in any direction and develop it from there. I've been trying this flowing line style on some tiles. I think the first one looks like a swirly, outer spacey landscape of sorts. (I shouldn't say things like that. I should let you see in it what you see in it!)

Tangles: JASH, Caviar, Coaster, Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Lotus Pods, Umble

Tangles: JASH, Knightsbridge, Zanella (Sandra Strait)

There's a tangle in the upper left of the tile above. I saw it some months ago and quite liked it. It doesn't usually have the wavy lines or the extra central diagonal lines, but I needed to darken it a little. Do you know it? Does it have a name? Who designed it?


  1. I love both of your tiles. Beautiful work!

  2. I love Justine's work also! I have tried those free flowing lines on a couple of bookmarks. Love doing it, but still need more practice. Love your tiles. If I see that tangle, I will let you know.