Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Patterns at Peggy's Cove

During our visit with our eldest daughter in Halifax NS, we went to Peggy's Cove for an afternoon. Although it had rained the day before, the day we went it was lovely and we enjoyed walking through the tiny town and scrambling on the coastal rocks. These are some of the patterns I noticed in my wanders.

Black and white twisted rope lying on a wharf.

Driftwood tree roots near the shore.

Tidal pool on the rocks. The dark part strikes me as a filled-in string area and the lighter corners as parts of a tile left blank.

Lobster traps stacked on a wharf.

Y-Not!!! Table and shadow on the deck of a café.

That table and it's shadow made me think about Molly Hollibaugh's tangle Y-not and I had to do it again on the drive back to Halifax. It was a twisty, bumpy road so my lines were going to be very wobbly. Besides the Y-not, I opted for some tried and true tangles.

Tangles: Crescent Moon, Knightsbridge, Shattuck, Tipple, Y-not


  1. What a wonderful way to commemorate your journey. I wonder if by being more aware of patterns (tangles?) that we somehow appreciate our surroundings and intensify our memories.......I find myself looking at things that I never would have noticed....M

  2. AND, I LOVE this tile you have done.....the crescent moon does indeed look like a tidal pool surrounded by shiny white rocks and shadows.......

  3. Fabulous! I admit to some envy, as Peggy's Cove is one of my favourite places on the planet. So beautiful, you lucky girl! Your tile captures the essence of your photos beautifully and does the inspiration real justice.

  4. Very nice! You captured the feel quite well. I agree with Maria. I think we do appreciate our surroundings more by looking at the details. But don't forget to notice the big picture, too :D Well done!

  5. I love the texture pics. One red lobster pot? Couldn't have planned that better. And I love your tile.

  6. I just have to add a little bizarre comment ..... those lobster traps were probably made here in WHITINSVILLE! There is a mill that specializes in the coated wire traps that all the fisher men use... The Riverdale Mill.... about 2 miles from here. I know the family! the world gets smaller every day. : ) M