Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vacation patterns

I'm convinced that being away from home makes me more aware of what I'm seeing. I should try taking my camera with me every day for a week here at home, and see what I notice! These are photos of some of the interesting patterns I noticed in Halifax and Bermuda.

A church in Lunenburg, NS.
Brick wall in Halifax NS

"Halifax" on an old map at the
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
in Halifax NS


Hanging roots of a banyan tree in Bermuda.
Glassware at a glass-blowing shop in Bermuda.

Octopus climbing the glass wall at the Aquarium.

The shirt on the man in front of me.
I'd like a dress like this.
Very interesting plant. Seed pods?
What an amazing pattern all over this puffer fish,  which is poisonous to eat.
(Thanks to Cookie for identifying it.)
A large chunk of coral in a garden.


  1. Fabulous patterns - thanks for sharing your photographs.

  2. WOW Margaret, that last one has a very "Keith Harring" feel to little men all jittery and it. maria

  3. Great patterns! Looks like a meander quilt job on the last picture.

  4. That's a Puffer Fish, not a Grouper. Those are poisonous to eat, but very funny looking.

  5. Thanks Cookie!
    (Learn something every day!)