Friday, August 12, 2011

Opposites Attract

Christina Vandervlist, the guest challenger for this week's Zentangle challenge, proposes a brilliant but simple idea (aren't all brilliant ideas basically simple?). Round and curvy vs. straight and angular. NO! not "vs.", rather working in harmony! We are to create a string with only straight lines and fill the tile with curvy tangles OR create a string with only curvy lines and fill the tile with angular tangles. Brilliant. Simple.

I had to try both.

Here's the one with a loop-de-loop string and angular tangles. After the pencil string I drew a grid in ink over all. Then I used all tangles based on grid patterns. This is something I do in one of my advanced classes. The grid pattern tangles don't all use only straight lines! I couldn't use Bales for example. Anyone for a hot air balloon ride?

Tangles: Demi, Gingham, Screen, Up and Across, Yincut, Zanella

Here's the one with a zigzag string and lots of curly, curvy tangles. I was going to leave a thin, white zigzag between the two halves until I realized that none of the tangles would be touching!

Tangles: Caviar, Flux, Lotus Pods, Miranda, Opus, Purslane (or Flux tangleation), Tipple, Wud


  1. Very nice. Your technique is really interesting on the first one. I'll have to try that some time. The second is just plain bubbly and fun!

  2. Both are lovely, but I really like your bottom tile. And it's fun that you posted which tangles you used on each one. I'm just new to Zentangle so learning as I go.