Friday, August 5, 2011

Tile redemption

(Or, Salvage operations 2)

Doing a wee bit of organizing the other day I came across some old tiles. These were mainly from my early Zentangle days, before I'd grasped the concept of the pencil string. Interesting in their own way, many of them seemed a bit empty. I decided to re-work them and see what would happen. Here are four old tiles, Mach One and Mach Two.

EGG. Tangles in mach 2: Florz, Hurly Burly, Msst, Munchin, Opus, Rick's Paradox, Tidings, Tripoli
NEW MOON. Tangles in mach 2: Ogen, Papyrus, Seljuk, Skaylz,
not exactly Hibred, dots and some nameless patterns.
Mach 1 was a little too reminiscent of boobs. (You probably didn't see that at all, did you?)
Tangles in mach 2: Caviar, Florz, Hibred, Skaylz, Shattuck, Tripoli and dots and triangles
DAWN. Tangles in mach 2: Betweed, Coaster, Crescent Moon, Rick's Paradox, Tipple

In every case these were originally borderless. I drew a pencil border and filled in empty spaces. Here is one that I really like, but unfortunately I didn't scan the original tile. Based on adding a border and filling in, perhaps you can get an idea of what was there before.

FAIRY GARDEN (a few weeks too late!)
Tangles: Florz, Flux, Munchin, Papyrus, Skaylz

Check back through your old tiles and pull out a few less-than-favorites. See what magic you can work!


  1. As always, these look awesome. I like the before on most of them, but do agree that on most they look better when filled in. :D Thank you for sharing the before and afters. (And no, I saw a moth at first, but once you mentioned the boobs....)

  2. These are great. The before ones were wonderful, but working on them again made them great. And no, I saw the letter B.

  3. What a great idea to re-work old stuff. Good job! Maria

  4. I like both versions but I do agree that there is a little something "extra" with the second version. Isn't it fun to look back at what our art used to be?

  5. You were a whizz right from the start, now you are a super star!
    Thanks Margaret for sharing and a good lesson in makeovers!

  6. They looked great before and now they look awesome! What a fun idea and I am sure I can find a lot to redo.

  7. Hey Margaret,
    Thanks for taking the time to leave some comments on my blog :)

    I love the 'before' ones too, but the 'after' ones are much more dramatic! Wonderful work. Thanks for sharing.
    Sydney, Australia

  8. I love going back to old tiles. Seeing them fresh spawns more ideas, as you have so beautifully illustrated! (Even though your originals were gorgeous too.) These are so much fun and and really inspire me to dig back! I love your fairy garden!