Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DuoTangle: Jonqal & Opus

It's often a good idea to place limits on yourself. It encourages creativity. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that. This week's zentangle challenge is to use only two tangles, and only Jonqal and Opus, two very different tangles. I thought it was going to be weird. Wrong again! Their very diffent-ness makes them work well together. Harmony in diversity and all that.

I just had a very busy three days (one at an art show) and was hardly home at all. I was quite happy to get back in the studio and just draw for a while. I was so pleased with my first effort for this challenge that I really went to town with it.  I've done five tiles so far and may do more. Here are three of them.

I didn't put anything else in the stripes or spaces. I thought that would be 
using other tangles so I tried Opus in Jonqal's stripes, and Jonqal stripes 
in Opus' spaces. Later, looking at examples of Opus I realized that 
it would be okay. I remembered that varying the scale can 
have interesting effects. I tried it on a full tile.

I looked up Opus on Zentangle (to see about what's in the spaces) 
and noticed that the ends are droplet shaped, not the tiny circles 
I've been doing. I tried that next. I even did doubles. That shape 
has a lovely elegance to it and think I'll do it from now on.

Thanks again Laura! You're always full of good ideas!


  1. You have such lovely ideas! I really like the double drops on the last tile.

  2. I am in love with these. so direct and beautiful!