Friday, November 11, 2011

AEDM #11 - Moon Rocks and Marbles

Wouldn't that be a wonderful title for a children's book? "Moon Rocks and Marbles" :-)

Today for Art Every Day Month I'm trying two tangles from Suzanne McNeill's books. Here are drawing instructions for Moon Rocks. I don't think Marbles is on the Internet anywhere. I tried each of them with a black background and with a white background.

Tangles: Lotus Pods, Marbles, Moon Rocks, Tipple

There is still a week left if you want to enter the DRAW (pun intended) in celebration of my blog's first anniversary!

As you read this I'm on a bus to Winnipeg for the weekend. I got busy recently and prepared a few tiles with new tangles (new for me, at least) and scheduled them to appear over the weekend. "But that's not Art EVERY Day!" I hear you shouting! Never fear, I've taken my supplies along and will be tangling every day this weekend. :D

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  1. I really love the marbles. The white highlights add a lot of depth and movement. I don't think I've seen that one before. Have fun in Winnipeg!