Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AEDM #29 - Crossview & Featherfall

Crossview is a fairly new tangle from Daniele O'Brien, rather bold and with a 'looking through' feel.
Featherfall is another of Carole Ohl's lovely patterns, very organic and soft looking.

They seem to go very well together. The bold angularity of Cross Views is a good counterpoint to the softness of Featherfall, much like the combination of Jonqal and Opus. I'm not sure if there's a slide show up for that challenge (#41) yet, but you can always visit individual posts (here's mine). This seems to be a good idea, and there are lots of possible tangle combinations that would work.

Tangles: Beadlines, Caviar, Crossview, Featherfall,
Meer, Posh and some stripey thing
I made up on the fly.


  1. Margaret, this combination of tangles really has a strong visual impact! Soft verses bold really makes a statement. I love the way you are exploring tangle patterns in you AEDM effort It's very inspiring!

  2. yes, a very nice combination. I tried featherfall a couple of times and never got the hang of it. I have another feathery one I am liking right now that came from a quilting pattern. They have a similar feel to them, although mine is a bit more flamey.