Friday, January 13, 2012

Drucas? Frape?

The tangles Drupe and Fracas are quite similar, but the curvy parts go in opposite directions. It occurred to me the other day to try combining them, doing one section of Drupe and the next of Fracas. The result is quite charming, lively and bold.
Tangles: Drupe/Fracas, Knase, Shattuck and half a Black Pearl
Tangles: Dancet, Drupe/Fracas, Earth Rising, Jonqal, Meer, Pearlz

Here's a section of a larger piece, done in sepia ink on buff paper. It doesn't have any shading yet. This is actually the first time I tried combining Drupe and Fracas.


  1. I like this, very curvy and three dimensional. I do Drupe a little differently and had not seen the other one... I wonder what it would look like done my usual way? I'll have to try it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Very clever, Margaret! I love the look of combining Drupe and Fracas...this is a must try!

  3. Great combination! They look very "groovy"!