Monday, January 16, 2012

Recent Zentangle tiles

While the Diva was taking a holiday break from challenging I decided to post some recent tiles on Monday mornings. This may become a somewhat regular thing for me as I often have a few interesting things worth sharing.

In the first, I like how the two sections of Hibred plus the Munchin-y Striping make a strong swoosh on the left.

Tangles: Black Pearlz, Earth Rising, Fengle, Hibred,
(Munchin), Striping, Zapateado, Zedbra

A while ago I posted about the occasional Zentangle tiles wanting to look like Something. This one was asking to be a tree, so I took it in that direction.

Tangles: Black Pearlz, Crescent Moon, Finery, Fohbraid, Ionic, Opus,
Triral and a hybrid of Hopscotch and Spinners.

In the next one I did a blind string, probably holding the pencil rather loosely.

Tangles: Beadlines, Black Pearlz, Chebucto, Florz, Hibred,
Knase, Munchin, Prestwood, Tipple


  1. I like all of 3.
    Playing with forms little pieces of graphik work!

  2. Love them all, but most in love with the last one done with the blind string. Gorgeous!

  3. I usually like the blind strings. They give me something to work with that's a bit outside the ordinary!