Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday tiles (#4)

I tried a number of tangles that I haven't used in a while. I like Bouclé, but I always find Mooka a bit challenging! Moving Day is probably better in larger quantity.
Tangles: Bouclé, Caviar, Flux, Golven, Hopscotch,
Mooka, Moving Day, Nerfy, Sprix

Next, a blind string, which ran off the edges.
Tangles: Ambler, Black Pearlz, Boomerangs, Rain, Snookums, Tipple

I'm very pleased with this third one. It had some large black areas, which rarely happens with me. I made another tentative foray into using white on black. I wish there were thinner white pens!
Tangles: Baton, Crescent Moon, Emingle, Flez, Phuds, Seljuk


  1. These tiles are Great! I see several tangles that I am not familiar with..are there links for the patterns? I LOVE that you always list for us the names of the tangles that you use in your tiles! It helps me to find the patterns that I want to learn to draw, and I thank you for sharing your art with us! Keep tangling!
    Aloha, Andrea

  2. Hi Andrea, and thanks!

    For tangles you aren't familiar with I suggest first checking to see if it's there.
    If no luck, try typing 'zentangle' and the 'pattern name' into your search and see what comes up.
    It's always possible that it's an official Zentangle tangle that's not published on the Internet, or that it's only in a book.

    Good luck!