Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Students' mandalas

Last Wednesday was the final class in our 8-week Zentangle series and the project was to create a mandala. Two weeks before we had done two mandalas on Zentangle tiles.

I provided six inch squares of paper with 4.5 inch circles in pencil. The circles included a few other random concentric circles and were divided in 12 sections. Students had a choice whether to use black and white or color. When completed, if desired, they could add some tiny gems for sparkle Everyone did! Here are the wonderful mandalas they made! (The paper, really, is white, and my apologies for the gray edges of the photos.)

Tracy's mandala.
Tangles: Cubine, Flux, Inapod, Not-a-Knot, Ogen, Paradox,
and stripes with highlights.
Laurel's mandala.
Tangles: Bales, Black Pearlz, Daggerly, Munchin, Tipple, and more.
Taylor's mandala.
Tangles: Cadent, Earth Rising, Keeko, Knightsbridge


  1. Oh I absolutely love these! How fun, and beautiful, too.
    Tell your students they have a fan!

  2. Beautiful and inspiring. I haven't tried a mandala yet but hope to soon. Thank you to you and your students for sharing them.

  3. Love the colors and shapes used :) keep at it

  4. Aren't they Roxane? It was all their own choices.