Tuesday, July 31, 2018

TaD calendar pages: June & July

The Tangle-a-Day calendar has been a good project to undertake. Although I've missed a couple of days it's fun to have a place just to experiment, or be quick, or not care too much about the results. Here are some pages I'm particularly pleased with.

Mooka is a tangle I struggled with for quite a while until I 'got it' - done in a Dingbatz format here.

Windows on Morse, a tangle I designed that grew out of a variation of Hollibaugh.

A nautilus spiral, a classic symbol of sacred geometry, as a follow-up to Phi Day, June 18.

National holidays in Canada and the USA, July 1 and 4.

Let's just tangle 24/7!

I'd been seeing people doing interesting things with pulled paint strings and decided to try it in my calendar, and also in another book I'm working in. There were a number of circle-y forms which inspired me to do Aquafleur all over.

I've been fascinated by tessellations for a long time and finally tried one of my own. I would have found it quite boring to fill the shape with the same thing over and over and over and over, so I did different fills.


  1. I plan to keep this is a file folder as inspiration...which you ALWAYS are.
    I love that you take something and then make it your own.

    1. Thanks Ginny! It seems to be a good place for me to experiment.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Betsy! This calendar is going to be a great little reference/inspiration for me in the future.

  3. absolutely original pages, my faves are the ones which begin with the Nautilus spirale and your tessellations tile is very cool, love it!

    1. Thanks Ria! I’ll be doing more with tessellations I think.

  4. I am glad I have subscribed to your site. Those windows and the Dingpatz!!! Out of this world! Yes, very inspirational indeed, Margaret.